Dubai Police
Dubai Police is the most forward thinking and progressive Arab police force today. It employs over seventeen thousand officers of the highest educational standards of any organization. Dubai Police has received both local and international recognition including the “Dubai Award for Government Performance” and the ISO 2000:9001 for applying quality management systems in all police fields.
Dubai Police was the first Arab police force to apply DNA testing in criminal investigations, the first to use electronic finger printing, and the first Arab department to apply electronic services. It was also the first to use GPS systems to locate Police Patrols via satellite, aiding operations. Dubai Police’s Strategy is to play a major role in society, establishing a “Human Rights Department” within its Administrative Structure.
The General Department of eServices of Dubai Police was established in 2001 to provide the latest technological support to Dubai Police headquarters and its branches. Dubai Police provides more than 300 services today through several channels, the Intranet, Internet and others which include Kiosks, IVR, and mobile messaging to ensure speed and convenience.
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Most used eServices:
Traffic Fine Enquiry and Payment
Good Conduct Certificate & Follow-Up
Night-shift Working Permits & Follow-Up
Report Lost Items
Filing a Human Rights Complaint
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